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 Update Log

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PostSubject: Update Log   Update Log EmptyThu Feb 25, 2010 12:04 am

Update log:
[u] June 27h:[/u]
- Auto Retalite has been removed completely, really annoying to have.

- Purple Sweets have been added (::item 10476 )
- Diamond Bolts(e) with correct special attack and damage have been added
- Combat changes implemented:
- Magic has been changed completely, z508's are known for having shitty magic bases. I have fixed it.
- Increased Player defence and decreased attack, the combat was messed up before.
- Range - Dbolt specials were constantly hitting, like all z508s, i have changed this
- Dbolt max hit has been changed, it was a max of 63 before.
- Dark bow now only hits 48-48 with void.
- Max hit of melee has been fixed to the real max hit's on runescape.
- Hit 30 players today, server is progressing well.

[u] June 26th:[/u]
- Hit 20 players, playercount was over 14 all day, great news.
- Added ::repair command to fix your barrows.
- Max hit with magic has been changed back to 30.
- Reduced lag dramatically.
- Pk video Contest has been announced, post your pk video for chance of great prizes.
[u] June 25th:[/u]
-Youtube Advertisement as posted, almost hit 20 players on the second day of hosting.
- Potting is fixed, double potting was way to fast, there was a small delay before attacking, the potting has been perfected.
- Clicking freezing is fixed, your item switches will be much cleaner. Video Proof:
- BARROWS DEGRADE ADDED, Psycho helped out with this alot!. Will be adding barrows fixer tomorrow.
[u] June 24th:[/u]
- Youtube Advertisement has been created, currently have 3 youtube channels uploading the video ( including pkerrocker )
- Dandeh has joined the staff team, welcome him.
- Server will be on VPS, the move will be announced ingame.
[u] June 23th:[/u]
- Recoded potions, you can now drink a potion and attack right away like runescape
- this is a great update for hybrids/normal pkers alike.
- Perfect Switching has been added - Enjoy switching
- Void Bonus's Fixed
- MSB powered up
- Dmace powered up.
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Update Log
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